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Unit 10 test

1. Identify what living things are described below and the kingdom in wich they are
classified: (1 point)
a)Unicellular, heterotrophic, with eukaryote cells, with cilia to move.
b) Multicellular, autotrophic, with eukaryotic cells, chloroplast and cell wall
d)Multicellular, heterotrophic and has an underground mycelium.
e) Unicellular, heterotrophic and with prokaryotic cells.
f) Unicellular, with eukaryotic cells. Division by budding.
Match each photo with one letter of the previuos activity:
2. What are the 3 groups of Fungi? (0,5 points)
Write 2 characteristics of each of them. (1 point)
Explain 2 importances of fungi. (1 point)
3. What is a lichen? (1 point)
4. About protozoa:
Write the type and the number of cells they have: (0,5 points)
Explain how they move: (0,5 points)
Some protozoa produce illnesses. Name 2: (0,5 points)
5. Where do algae live? (0,25 points)
What type of nutrition do they have? (0,5 points)
Are all of them green? Why? (0,5 points)
6. About bacteria:
Write the name and describe the process represented in the drawing: (0,5 points)
Name these bacteria: (0,5 points)
Explain 2 importances of bacteria (1 point)
How can we prevent bacteria infections? Propose 3 measures (0,75 points)