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Strategic human resource

Strategic human resource is basically a future oriented process they implemented and developing
the HR programs that solve the business process and directly contribute to major long term
business objectives.
Strategic planning present many challenges and opportunities for HR professionals.HR
management is largely a administrative function and it focused on day to day responsibilities
such as employee recruiting and selection and managing employee benefit they retaining the
right people.
Strategy : it is the formulation of organizational objectives, competitive scopes ,as well as
actions plans for gaining the advantage the plan is how organization achieve its goal. SM of
people through HR programs and policies helps to ensure positive organizational outcome such
as employee performance, employee satisfaction , increase the profitability.
Strategy generally involve goals and priorities determining actions to achieve the goal it also
mobilize the resources to execute the action.
1)strategic intent : it involved establishing vision ,designing mission,setting objective.
Strategic intent is like your company is daring the vision of what it actually want to achieve in
the long-term while it focusing on the tomorrow opportunities it has hierarchy include vision,
mission, goal and objectives it basically leveraging the firms internal resourcr s,capabilities and
core competencies to achieve the firm.....the all employees are committed to the persuit of a
specific but significant performance target.
Strategic planning is creating the specific business strategies , implementing and evaluating
the result of executing the plan it focus on energy and resource , strengthen operations or
ensuring that employees and other stockholders are working toward common goal.
2) formulation of strategy
Performing environmental and organizational appraisal
Considering strategies, carrying out strategic analysis ,making strategies,or preparing strategic
Strategy formulation is a process of developing the strategy organization is choosing the most
appropriate cources to achieve goal this process is basically more important to the organization
success because it provide the framework for the action that lead to the anticipated result. It
facilitate a number of action and desired result they are shared values and belief ,it may be easier
to create a shared vision like TV group of companies had a culture providing value to customers
by deploying superior technology and process.
3) implementation of strategy
Putting strategies into practice, developing structure and systems, managing behavioural and
functional implementation.
Strategy implementation is important that turns the strategies and plans into action to achieve a
vision it able to measure the progress and a clear understanding the priorities strategy
implantation require change in the organization to achieve a competitive advantage the structure
is also support the strategy it centralized the control and decentralized the flexibility, resources
are always limited.
4) strategic evaluation and control
performing evaluation and exercising control or recreating strategies .
Strategy evaluation and control is process to determine the effectiveness of gove n strategy in
achieving the organization objective and corrective the action when required it is important to
organization and it evaluate the performance stragic evaluation can help access whether the
decision is match the intended strategy requirement . if strategy is not working according to plan
the new plans need to be formulated in this process you may even have to repeat the stragic
management process from the beginning including the information and knowledge gained from
the first attempt.