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black soap dispensers

Victorian Era Antique Copper Kitchen Faucet With Sprayer
The Victorian Era faucet is a beautiful blend of vintage opulence and modern excellence. This faucet
features an antique copper finish and sturdy brass construction, plus a swivel side sprayer. The unique
style is a great fit for any sink or countertop. Whether you're remodeling your kitchen or just looking to
upgrade an old one, this is the faucet for you.
Clean a breeze
The elegant design of this single-hole, two-handle black soap dispensers makes it a practical and
fashionable fixture. Its brass construction ensures a sturdy fixture and the matching finish side sprayer
makes cleaning a breeze. This faucet comes with everything you need to install it. The Opulence
collection is a stylish way to update your kitchen.
Feature a traditional design
The Lexington Bridge Faucet with Sidespray is made from solid brass and features a traditional design
with a solid brass side spray. This faucet also has traditional dual water control handles and is backed by
a lifetime warranty. This faucet is also certified low-lead and compliant with all US plumbing codes.
Need pliers
The diverter is the most common problem with this faucet. If the diverter is stuck, it means that the
faucet is not working properly. The diverter can become clogged with debris or stuck, which may cause
the sprayer to not work. If it is stuck, you can remove it with pliers. After removing it, rinse the valve
with water and soap. This will save you the trouble of taking apart the faucet to clean the diverter.