phet energy transfer questions

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Answer the following questions using the website: phet.com energy
transformation simulation
Change the pot of water to a light bulb and turn on the faucet again.
1. Explain the energy transfer present, be sure to include the proper
terms of the types of energy:
Now change the faucet to the tea kettle and turn on the heat.
2. What is the source of energy in this simulation?
3. Explain the transfer of energy, be sure to use proper terms
Switch the source to the bicycle, run the simulation again.
4. Explain the energy transfer
5. What happens as you increase the speed of the pedaling?
6. What probably happened prior to the person getting onto the bicycle?
(Think in terms of energy)
Switch the wheel over to the solar panels, what do you need to change the
source of energy to, to power the solar panels.
7. Explain the energy transfer
8. Explain what happens when you add more clouds.