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Spatula: A kitchen utensil with long handle and wide blade and we use it for mixing, spreading, lifting, and removing
foods from utensils. It is pronounced as /spachula/ that is a correct pronunciation.
Peeler: Peeler is a tool used in kitchen to peel off skin of fruits and vegetables. It has a short handle and a double edged
blade. We use peeler to remove skin of fruits and vegetables like carrot, reddish, potato, etc. It is available in many
Ladle: A ladle is a large, round, deep spoon with a long handle that is is for serving soup, sauce or liquid like tea, juice. If
someone is to fill the cup of tea from kettle so he will definitely use it.
Wooden Whisk: Wooden whisk is a tool with long handle and a head like round and toothed gear wheel. We use it to
whisk or blend ingredients. People use it to whisk the yogurt. Now a days, whisks are available with motor on its head to
rotate it electrically. Whisk is a noun and verb at a same time.
Wooden Whisk
Wooden Spoon: A common utensil that is used for putting food in a plate. it is a medium size common spoon. In ancient
era it was used commonly. Now a days, table spoons are available in plastic and silver material. This kitchen utensil is
used at dining table.
Wooden Spoon
Toaster: We use toaster for toasting bread. It is electric operated appliance. Overheating can be dangerous therefor be
careful while operating it.
Teapot: A teapot is a common Asian utensil that is used to serve tea. It contains normally 4 to 8 cup of tea. It comes in
many decent shapes. Now it use is limited to rural areas only.
Steak Hammer: It is like a simple hammer with flat face with small teeth-like spot on it . We use it to pound meat to
make it more tender by breaking down the tissue fibers of meat.
Steak Hammer
Spice containers/ Salt, paper shaker: Small bottles with cover having holes in it. It is commonly used to shake salt or
paper, or other spice on foods.
Salt Shaker
Saucepan: Every kitchen has this utensil in many sizes and shapes. It is normally used for cooking and boiling something.
It has a cover on it and few have handle and some are without handle.
Salad Spinner: It is commonly used kitchen utensil. We use it to mix salad and other things. It is commonly used utensil
for multi purpose.
Salad Spinner
Rolling Pin: It is an essential kitchen tool to shape and flatten dough, normally used to make bread.
Rolling Pin
Oven glove: It is a simple thick glove to avoid burn injury. We use it to pick something from oven when it hot. Do not
keep it in oven for long time because it can melt.
Oven Glove
Napkin: A simple piece of clothe used on dining tables for wiping mouth and hands while dinning.
Mixer: It is also an essential kitchen tool to mix some ingredients specially to mix eggs with other ingredients. Now a
days, mixers are available with motor on its head to rotate it electrically.
Mesh: It is a common kitchen utensil like large spoon with round and flat end having holes on it like a mesh. it is used for
cooking and taking food out from saucepan.
Measuring Spoon/Scoop: A scoop ring contains spoons of different sizes to put specific quantity. It is used to put some
ingredients in measurable quantity.
Scoop Set
Measuring Cup: It is like a mug with transparent section with scale on it. it is normally to put some liquid in measurable
Measuring Cup
Knife: Everyone know about it very well. A commonly used kitchen utensil to cut vegetable and fruits.
Cutlery: All cooking tools collectively are called cutlery. It contains spoons, knives, forks etc. We use them commonly in
kitchen and also on serving tables top cut roast meet or pizza.
Hotpot: People use it on serving table to keep something hot for some time after cooking. Asian people keep wheat
bread it after taking out from oven to keep it hot. Other people keep rice or other dishes to keep them hot for long time
until served.
Grater: A kitchen tool used to grate food in fine pieces. it comes in many shapes and mostly used to grate carrots,
reddish, potatoes etc. we use it commonly to make pudding from vegetables or fruits. It cuts them easily into small
Frying Pan: This kitchen utensil is with long handle and flat and wide bottom. Chef use it to fry something openly.
Frying Pan
Fruit Juicer: It is an electric appliance to make juices from different fruits and vegetables. It is available in many shapes
and verities.
Juicer Machine
Electric Kettle: It is electric operated utensil to boil some liquid especially to make tea, coffee etc. Be careful when in
operation because carelessness can an electric shock.
Electric Kettle
Cooker: It is used to cook something in a short time. It keeps pressure inside and cover is tightly fixed. Be careful when
you are going to open its cover after boiling something.
Colander: It it like bowl with multiple holes to drain liquid from it. It is used to strains foods such as pasta or rice or to
rinse vegetables.
Cleaver: It is a heavy knife with handle. It is used for chopping meat or vegetables. Keep it out of reach of children
because it is heavy in weight and its falling can harm them.
Chopsticks: It is used for eating east Asian foods especially Chinese use it on their dining tables. They eat food like
noodles with these chopsticks.
Casserole: Used for serving food on serving table so that each member can take from it. It also keeps food hot if cover is
not removed.
Cake Pan: it is used to make and bake cakes inside oven. It comes in many sizes to make cake of your own size either
small or large depending on size of pan..
Cake Pan
Bread Basket: It is used to place bread in it on serving table.
Bread Basket
Blender: It is electric operated appliances used to blend ingredients.
Bowl: It is used to hold foods or fluids during cooking a food in a kitchen. Sometime these are used on dining tables to
put soup or other food in it.
Tray: It is used to bake something in oven or to put some little utensils of food in it it to pass towards serving table.
sometime open foods like rice are served in small trays.