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Students send miniboat across the ocean, was discovered by norweigan
Miniboat sent out by students discovered after traveling the ocean and
reaching norway.
A 5.5ft boat a dream and time is what it took for 2 schools to get across
the ocean.
School project just had a big sucess, a 8300 mile trip.
462 days, 8300 miles a long journy indeed, the miniboat was made in
two middle school science classes. A 5.5 ft boat made it to a middle
school in Norway. They tried the entire summer to take that vessel out to
sea and they finally got to. Some people thought it would sink some people
thought it'd reach the destination unscathed. This unfortunetly did not
happen. The hull was scratched and damagd with barnicles on it. The hull
was all dirty full of barnicles but that didnt stop them when they found
it. They opened everything up and cleaned it out and found that the
storage was completely untouched and clean inside along with all the
other students stuff. Now lets jump back a little in time when it was
released. When it was released it was made so a GPS would ping its
location. The students loved this especially being quarrentined,
the students checked almost everyday even in online school just to see
where it was and if it has stopped its journey yet.