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Moving Up Script

As Malcolm X once said, Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the
people who prepare for it today.
Good afternoon, join me as we witness and honor the achievements of our completers for this
momentous event. Welcome to the Kindergarten Moving Up Ceremony for the school year
2021-2022 with the theme, "Kindergarten Completer: Building Small Dreams and Learning
Resilience for a Brighter Future.
Guests, friends, ladies and gentlemen, the processional!
Let us welcome the completers.
Next on the line are the parents.
Approaching the aisle are the members of the faculty.
To our guests, Department of Education Representative Ma'am Ma. Portoria Fe B. Pradil, to
our guest speaker Ma'am Merilyn A. Mangampo, to our school head Ma'am Teresita M. Dacir,
GPTA President Giovany M. Palenzuela, Brgy. Capt. Loreto A. Barajas, teachers, parents, and
completers, once again good afternoon. We are delighted to be celebrating this memorable
event with you even though we are still in the middle of the covid 19 pandemic. The fact that
we are all here is a great blessing for us. To start our program, let us all stand for the singing
of the National anthem to be conducted by Jegielyn B. Rodolfo. An opening prayer will follow
it by selected Kindergarten pupils and singing the Nationalistic song "Albay Forever", Jegielyn
B. Rodolfo conducting.
Please be seated. To formally start this moving up ceremony, may I call on Ma'am Antonia
M. Ombao for her welcome address. Let's give her a round of applause.
Thank you, ma'am. At this point may I call on Ma'am Ma. Portoria Fe B. Pradil-DO
representative to deliver us the message of the Secretary of Education. Warm applause,
Thank you ma'am Pradil for delivering us the message from our Secretary. And for the
highlight of today's ceremony, may I call on our school head Ma'am Teresita M. Dacir for the
presentation of the learners for moving up ceremony to be followed right away by the
confirmation of the completers that will be done by our DO representative Ma'am Ma. Portoria
Fe B. Pradil.
Thank you so much ma’am Dacir and Ma'am Pradil. And Congratulations to our Kindergarten
At this juncture, may we request again Ma'am Teresita M. Dacir our school head, DO
Representative Ma'am Ma. Portoria Fe B. Pradil, GPTA President Giovany M. Palenzuela, and
Brgy. Capt. Loreto A. Barajas to do the honor of distributing the certificate of completion and
major awards to our completers. (When I call your name please come up the stage together
with your parents)
Congratulations everyone! It is truly a job well done. These may serve as your motivation to
do your best again in the upcoming years of your educational journey.
And now to deliver her inspirational message, she is a graduate of Bagtang Elementary School
year 2001, continued her basic education at Daraga National High School, and graduated
year 2005. She went to college at Bicol University where she took up Mechanical Engineering.
Years 2011-2013 she worked from a Pharmaceutical company in Antipolo City and went to
hard drive manufacturing in Laguna from 2013-2014. She is a Mechanical Engineer by
profession and works at the Department of Health Bicol Center for Health Development as
Administrative Officer V for 8 years now. And she is also a mother of two lovely kids. It is
such an honor to introduce to you Ma'am Merilyn A. Mangampo. A round of applause please.
Thank you very much for the very inspiring and insightful messages you imparted to us this
afternoon. Your words will surely guide our parents as they help their children pursue their
At this point, let us all witness as the completers perform their moving-up song entitled
"Proud of You." Let’s give them a round of applause.
Thank you. Please be sited.
The art of beginning is great, but the art of ending is even greater. Ladies and gentlemen, our
school head Ma'am Teresita M. Dacir for her closing remarks.
This Moving Up Ceremony has truly been noteworthy for everyone here. It is indeed a time of
taking a big step in your life as a student. It is also a time of celebration and achievement
and most importantly, a beginning for each of you here.
Once again, congratulations, completers!
Indeed, education is the golden key to unlocking the doors of opportunities.
Ladies and gentlemen, the recessional.