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Niir Project Consultancy Services (NPCS) has created a superb report referred to
as "Potato Products (potato balls, nuggets, French fries): Start a Profitable
Business in this industry". This latest research "Potato commodities market
international trade Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Chance and Forecast 2018-2026” gives
a techno-commercial roadmap for erecting a potato crop manufacturing factory. This
varies from a major summary of the demand to small circumstances of the business
performance, processing, and manufacturing provisions, operation rate, program
allocation, investment economics, predicted returns on investment, dividend margins,
etc. we tend to discuss all the compulsory data relating to potato products.
The global potato crop market is projected to rise with a substantial growth rate of
4.3% from 2019 to 2024 and extend a market value of US$ 47.3 billion by the end of
2024. The multinational potato crops demand noted a huge market volume in 2019, which
is predicted to enhance considerably in 2027 at an immediate income growth rate during
the forecast period. Business research predicts that the need for potato crops has been
increasing substantially and their adoption has been improving similarity due to shifting
demand tendencies and consumption habits, and these components are predicted to
proceed to benefit business expansion as well as market development over the forecast
Major factors driving the global demand for potato products (potato balls,
nuggets, French fries) are growing urbanization, rise in disposable incomes and rapidly
changing lifestyles. A busy lifestyle coupled with long working hours has forced people to
shift from elaborate luncheons and meals to desk snacks and packaged foods. Different
aspects like the importance of extension and development of arising demands are also
predicted to stimulate the demand of this market.
Potato balls are a trendy dish liked by most of the kids. This classic dish is prepared
by boiling the potatoes, mashed and mixed with chopped green onions, grated carrot,
spiced with fresh ground black pepper, mayonnaise and yoghurt; made into small balls
and deep fried until crispy and crunchy. Taste best with any sauce or chutney.
Potatoes are considered as comfort food which is liked by most of the people either
it is boiled, baked or fried. It is an important food staple and number one vegetable crop
in the world. Potatoes are available year-round as they are harvested somewhere every
month of the year.
Potato balls are easy to prepare and is a great addition for breakfast, brunch or tea
time and can also be easily carried in lunch packs or served for small parties. Potato balls
are yummy deep fried mashed potato balls which can also have a stuffing of mozzarella
cheese in the center. This of course would not be a regular item and is good for an
occasional treat or a party appetizer as potato is a rich carbohydrate source. Potatoes
provide the body with an essential source of fuel and energy.
According to the feasibility study of Prof. Edgar Laurente on 2015 in College of
Accountancy & Business Manila, potato is one of the four largest produced crops in the
Philippines and grown by small and large scale. At present, Philippines is one of the world’s
largest potato crop producer which ranked as the fourth after India, Uganda and China.
According to data, the statistics shows that in the year 2014, the Philippine has produced
more than 9.2 million tons of potatoes; this composed almost 6 percent of the global
Potato processing industry in the Philippines are used mainly as main dish in the
restaurants and snacks in almost food servings on side dish such as fries, mashed potato
and other cooked food. Around 66% of the potato production is consumed in the local
market of the Philippines distributed as follows: 16.5% for processing as a by- product of
potatoes; 45.5% are sold fresh in wet market as table potatoes. In the recent years, the
processed products of potatoes available in the market are potato fries, mashed and other
more. This report presents data on the potato production and consumption trends in the
Philippines. It analyzes Potato products consumption volume and values at market and
category level them. According to Canadian Potato Chips Market in the Philippines, market
profile to 2017 provides data on the Philippines Potato Market, providing marketers with
essential tools to understand their own and their competitor’s position in the market. Thus
allowing them to use the information to accurately identify the area where they want to
compete in the future.
A root crop native in the Philippines, potato is one of the most important crops in
the country. Potato is the sweet tasting root vegetable or crop which belongs to the
Conculvalcaea family. In Cordillera region, farmers cultivate the crop as alternative to rice
areas the latter is difficult to grow. As potato is abundant in tropical countries like in the
Philippines, it is good source of carbohydrates and has long been considered as staple as
it is source of daily filling, especially in developing countries where resources such as
materials are scare. However, because potato is just one of the many major crops
produced in the province, appropriate information on production is lacking. Potato farmers
are plagued not only with the lack of knowledge in its cultivation but also in product
development, which can bring their families additional income.
Based on the analysis, Potato Cravers make the product Potato Balls because
company want to serve our valued customer a new variety of snack that can give new
taste and healthy food that surely they will enjoy not only by adults but also by young
individuals. Our company would like to introduce variety of flavors that consumers that
would not normally taste of the potato food. Nowadays, people would prefer to eat new
flavor of foods that has less nutritional content over conventional food that is said to be
good for health lifestyle that is available in the market. Potato Cravers promote a healthy
and innovative food snacks by introducing a new set of flavor of potato which is Potato De
Rollo to the market which can give a benefit for consumers.
Chocolate Truffle Research Paper- 518 Words | Bartleby
Belgian chocolate truffle is a variety of chocolate, which was first produced in
Europe. The chocolate is smooth and it is coated with cocoa powder to improve its
quality, pleasure and sweetness. Belgian chocolate is the sweetest variety of chocolate
and you can enjoy it with your family, or you can wrap it as a gift to a friend. These
chocolates are available in all market outlets all over the world, and you can purchase it
at a friendly price.
History of Belgian chocolate truffle
The history of this chocolate is not clear, because there is little information about
the time of invention. There is no specific period, as to when this delightful product was
invented. However, it is believed that, chocolate truffles were first invented in the 19th
century: between 1890 and 1920s.
Pralines chocolate are available in variety of tastes, such as nut and sugar
sweetness. This variety of Belgian chocolate has different prices ranges in the markets,
and are most common in formal parties such as a business occasion
Chocolate truffles
This variety of chocolate has a shape of a ball and it is usually coated with cocoa
powder or wafer biscuit. Truffles are the types of chocolates which are commonly used in
informal parties such as, birthday and housewarming party. Today, chocolate truffles are
available in various fillings and tastes; fruit, nut, chilli and many others.
Why Belgian chocolate truffle
There are several reasons why this chocolate is the most famous product all over
the world: the production of Belgian chocolate truffles is of high quality. They are
available in variety of flavours, to suit people with different tastes and preferences. This
makes these chocolates to be consumed by almost everyone, and your party will not be
complete without Belgian chocolate.
Shane Camille Sali
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The Nibble: History of Truffles - Chocolate Truffles
Chocolate truffles are a delicious treat any day of the year and a sweet gift on
Valentine’s day. Chocolate truffles are made of chocolate ganache – a mixture of
chocolate and cream that is melted together – that is rolled into balls. The most
traditional type of chocolate truffle is then rolled in cocoa powder, but truffles can be
covered with a layer of chocolate, rolled in nuts, shredded coconut or even dusted with
confectioners’ sugar before serving. The outer coating simply makes the ultra-creamy
truffle easier to pick up, although the journey from hand to mouth is usually a short one
when chocolate truffles are concerned!
While the term “truffles” can refer to candies, truffles are really “the fruiting bodies
of underground mushrooms.” There are many types but the edible ones are highly
prized for their flavor and rarity, and command a very high price. Chocolate truffles
actually get their name from that classic, cocoa powder coating – not because they
contain actual truffles – but because that cocoa powder on the round chocolates looks a
lot like the dirt on similarly round truffles freshly pulled from the earth. Both are
delicacies and immensely enjoyable, hence the name chocolate truffle.