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YONA HR Pitch Deck

we are good at solving people problems in companies.
People who are unorganized with Employee documentation can fall in trouble if
the Labour Officer raids.
Why you need us- Employee File Management
People who have no idea about the base salary post covid, statuary payment
percentages, leave entitlements mess up how much they're to pay employees can
be sued for this.
Why you need us- Payroll
People who dont have the time to go through CVS and have the patience to meet
people tend to hire badly without evaluating candidates properly.
Why you need us- Recruitment
Problems we are good at solving.
When they don't know how to get an employee on board properly.
Why you need us- Onboarding
when a company is frowned upon and avoided like the plague because they don't
know how to release a person properly.
Why you need us- Offboarding
Some wonder why their team is full of duds. No brains, no energy, no go. NO
Why you need us- Learning and Development
Problems we are good at solving.
When your superior is suffering from insecurity and not admit they have to go
Why you need us- Succession Planning
Issues because people dont know you care. Money is not everything. How else do
you show your people you care- Their Health, their livelihood and their family
should matter too.
Why you need us- Compensation and Benefits
Arguments, Toxic communication and behaviour is common when the culture is
not set. Screens wont do, people need to interact.
Why you need us- Employee Engagement
Problems we are good at solving.
Moderators are needed for all types of debates whether lite or bloody.
Why you need us- Grievance Handling
you dont want anyone dieing in your company now do you..
Why you need us- Health and Safety
Who stands with you, when the Law tries to break you because of your own
Why you need us- Labour Law related concerns
Problems we are good at solving.
This is not the Stone Age, you need a system to get your facts right and do well.
Why you need us- Human Resource Information Systems
Money leakage? Probably because you're pay bills for inefficiency
Why you need us- Performance Management
Problems we are good at solving.
Fancy Business people whose companies make revenue in millions.
They're mostly Young, Open-minded results oriented people.
Second generation Entreprenurs and long-sighted leaders.
Quality > Quantity.
CEOs and Decision makers who are technology driven and Innovative
International brands, Conglomorates and multi-national companies
Target Market
we want to solve problems for this kind.