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Journal writing task

Films are sometimes closely related with the books since many films are produced based on
the published books such as best seller books. Many people, especially fans of a book will be interested
in watching the film because their imagination of the characters, places, and storyline in the book they
have read will make them really looking forward to watching it. Moreover, a director usually makes
some changes in some parts of the story because one of the things that make people more interested
is their curiosity of how the story of the film will be. This gap between the book and the film is
something that is common. For example, I remember one of the TV series “Game of Thrones”. It was
adapted from the book titled “Song of Ice and Fire” by George RR Martin. There are many similarities
between the book and the film such as its character, storyline, and etc. On the contrary, there are
some differences between both version. The first one is the age of the characters in the film. Daenerys
Targaryen and Tommen Baratheon in the book are younger than in the film. Second, the destiny of
the characters is also different between the films and the book version such as the destiny of Ser
Barristan Selmy. Third, the story portion of Dorne, one of the cities in the film, is less than in the book.
The last one is, the last season of the film is a story that has never been published in the book. We can
say that the book is currently not finished. However, George RR Martin said that the book will be
different from the film. Unfortunately, many fans are not happy with the ending of the film including
me because of the destiny of John Snow a.k.a Aegon Targaryen. They expected that John Snow would
be the king of the Iron Throne. In conclusion, the different versions of the books and the films can
make the fans either happy or disappointed with the films. The good news is, the spin-off version of
Game of Thrones will be aired in the upcoming years. I am looking forward to watching it. Let’s wait
and see how the films will be.