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History of Post-its

Post It Notes
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What is a
Arthur Fry & Spencer
Arthur Fry born 19 August 1931, is an
American former inventor and scientist. He is
credited as the co-creator of the Post-it Note.
Spencer Silver February 6, 1941 – May 8,
2021, was an American chemist and inventor
who specialized in adhesives. 3M credits him
with having devised the adhesive that Art Fry
used to create Post-it Notes.
When were
Post-it notes
In 1968 a unique, low-tack adhesive that would stick to things
was created by a 3M scientist.
On April 6, Silver and Fry’s unsung hero debuted in US stores
as Post-it® Notes.
After 28 years with the company, Spencer Silver, co-founder of
Post-it® Notes, retired from 3M with more than 22 US patents
to his name.
From 2014-2020
We can find many new updated functions for sticky notes, like
Post-it® Super Sticky Dry Erase Surface, Post-it® Extreme
Notes, Post-it® App, Post-it® Flex Write Surface, and Post-it®
Foil Tabs
The evolvement of post it notes
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