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activity 1

How can your will be trained to desire strongly the desirable and act on it?
One must know the positive in order to be of good faith, behave in morally good
ways, have steady and lasting readiness to do what is right and to refrain from doing
what is wrong; have interests, desires, purposes, and objectives that are morally
desirable; and have the tendency to react emotionally to problems in the morally
acceptable manner. The best thing to do and wish to do, to be a good citizen, is rightly
understood, however, one loses more than one wins, and hunger overrides purpose.
Sense and hunger are not united in the person of the continent, but reason wins out
more often than appetite. The will has been conditioned to understand the condition and
to be prepared to behave in a charitable fashion as it happens.
Share a short reflection/ realization on the significance of knowing that teaching
is a profession, a mission and a vocation, as aspiring teachers.
As a specialist, teachers are the most significant part of our culture, there is a lot
of importance of teaching in teachers. As a future teacher and citizen of our country,
they give us a target, set them up for success, and encourage us to do better and excel
in life. In a student's education and success, teachers play a vital role. The value of
teaching it gives us a paradigm of better and conscientious behavior and tells us how to
learn a lot about other people's errors. Teaching helps us a lot, particularly those kids
who can't afford to follow their studies. Like what our National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal said,
"Kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan" means, I know as a potential educator that teaching
is not an easy task, but I will be accountable and I respect the things my teachers do
and I appreciate my teacher as teaching.