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Grade 6-Q1-SCIENCE-LAS 2
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Quarter: 1 Week: 2 LAS No. 2
1. describe the different techniques in separating mixtures (S6MT-Id-f-2)
• Mixtures can be separated using different techniques such as picking, winnowing, using magnet,
decantation, filtration, sieving and evaporation.
• Picking is the separation of large components of a mixture by picking them out through the hands.
These components can be classified according physical characteristics like size, shape, color and
• Winnowing is done by separating heavy and light components of a mixture through a device
(winnower) and by wind or by blowing.
• Using magnet is done by separating the metallic and non-metallic components of a mixture.
• Sedimentation is the process of allowing the solid precipitate of a mixture to settle down at the
bottom, leaving an upper liquid layer.
• Decantation is done by allowing the solution to settle at the bottom of the container and pouring off
the particle-free part of the liquid.
• Filtration is used for separating the undissolved solids from liquids by using a filter.
• Sieving is done by allowing the dry mixture with different sizes to pass through a device with tiny
holes (sieve).
• Evaporation is the separation of components by heating a solution until the liquids turn to gases
leaving the solids behind.
Direction: Identify the different separation set up. Below it, write a short description about the