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Product Life Cycle (PLC) Big Brothers Big Sisters
At the present time, the notion of the product life cycle is the most prominent component
of marketing theory. However, the product life idea has been subject to a lot of criticism, and its
usefulness as a tool for making decisions regarding marketing has been called into question.
There is no evidence to suggest that the notion of the product life cycle is an effective tool for
developing marketing strategy. The primary objective of the study was to determine what the use
and practicality of a product life cycle concept is in terms of making marketing decisions in
small manufacturing and dealer organizations. The purpose of the study would have been to test
the theoretical underpinnings of the product life cycle concept. When compared with the SchoolBased Mentoring program offered by BBBS, the Community-Based Mentoring (CBM) program
allows mentors and mentees to spend more time together (about 3 to 5 hours a week, 2 to 4 times
a month, for at least 1 year). The BBBS case manager, the child's parent or guardian, and the kid
themselves collaborate in order to determine the objectives of the one-on-one mentoring
program. One objective is to cultivate a connection that is gratifying for all parties involved, so
that the mentor and the mentee look forward to spending time together in an unrestricted setting
on a regular basis (McFarlane-Alvarez & McDonald, 2020). Other objectives may include
increasing academic performance (such as attendance or grades), strengthening connections with
members of one's family, expanding one's skill set, or beginning a new interest.
The mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters is to have a lasting, positive impact on the lives
of disadvantaged children by pairing them with adult mentors. It operates in communities around
the United States, including both urban and rural areas, as well as large and small ones. The
mentors spend time with the youngsters in the neighborhood, at the schools where the children
are enrolled, on military posts, and in a variety of other settings (Big Brothers Big Sisters, 2022).
When introducing a new product or business to the market, positioning is one of the most
important steps to take. Positioning helps form a picture of the product that you’re firm offers in
the mind of the consumer you want to attract (De Wit et al., 2016). The word "positioning" may
be understood both as a verb and a noun at the same time. When used as a verb, it may be
described as the act of deploying a collection of tools and procedures that are used to influence
and control the way in which the market perceives your product or business in comparison to any
competing alternatives. The difficulty that must be overcome in Big Brother The goal of the Big
Sister program in Halifax is to increase the number of volunteers for the program, especially
among young men who are willing to take on the role of big brothers.
The idea of a product going through the stages of its life cycle has been formalized into
an explicit and observable model of sales behavior. Although the application of the notion of the
product life cycle is open to some debate, it is undeniably a realistic representation of sales
behavior when applied to certain market circumstances. The literature review that is presented in
chapters two and three makes it abundantly clear that the suitability of the product life concept
was tested in primarily large organizations around the world. However, no published research on
the application of the product life notion in South Africa was found. This is quite evident from
the literature review that is presented. BBBS takes great pleasure in its role as an evidence-based
mentoring organization, and one of its primary focuses is the establishment and maintenance of
meaningful connections. As of the year 2020, 74.5 percent of community-based matches had
lasted at least one year, which was the target for the shortest possible duration of a match; on
average, these relationships lasted for more than 2.5 years (De Wit et al., 2016). Big Brother Big
Sister mentoring organizations rely on the revenue generated from the sale of these items to
continue their important job (McFarlane-Alvarez & McDonald, 2020). Where exactly does the
money that you earn end up going? The costs of running the Foundation are covered by the
proceeds from the sale of things that have been generously donated, and any remaining funds are
given to local BBBS mentoring organizations.
Big Brothers Big Sisters branding strategy
The program provides one-on-one mentoring in a community environment between an
adult volunteer known as a Big Brother or Big Sister and a child participant known as a Little
Brother or Little Sister. The Big Brother or Big Sister acts as the mentor. Because this pairing
may result in a loving and supporting connection, which can be essential for kids who are at a
high risk for negative outcomes, it is the component of the intervention that is considered to be of
the utmost importance (Abdullah, 2020). Big Brother Big Sister is now facing a difficulty in the
form of a decline in the number of volunteers who are willing to participate in the program in
Halifax. This decline is especially noticeable among young male volunteers who are willing to
take on the role of big brothers. In addition, as the director of marketing, I am restricted in both
the amount of time and money I may spend. Build the financing base of BBBSCM such that it
goes from 1 million dollars providing 1,000 mentorship matches to 1.3 million dollars enabling
1,400 mentoring matches by January 2023. This will enhance the amount of children that can be
helped by sustainable funding.
Boost both your marketing and the brand's awareness. Big Brothers Big Sisters should be
set apart from other mentoring programs by publicizing the organization's outstanding
performance and positive influence on the community. Brand awareness refers to the level of
knowledge a customer has with your company and the services you provide. This involves the
capacity of individuals to identify your brand's logo or name, as well as the connections that they
have with your company. Your sales rates and the overall performance of your business are
significantly impacted by your brand's reputation. It is not necessary for the marketing of your
company to be difficult. The emphasis might be placed on straightforward strategies that
improve awareness and memory. According to the findings of several studies, an increase in a
company's share of the market might be a primary factor in that market's expansion (Brady &
Curtin, 2012). This indicates that the businesses who start to influence a higher part of the
dialogue taking place inside the industry space online will experience an increase in their brand
recognition as well as their control more than a higher proportion of the market. The company
will be able to develop their business and raise their income with the support of this form of
marketing. The interactions that consumers have with companies are another factor that
influences both their spending and their brand loyalty. Consumers have reported that they are
more likely to make a purchase from a company if they follow that company's social media
accounts. Increasing revenue will also need a significant investment in building customer
awareness and loyalty to the brand. It may be up to five times more expensive to find new clients
than it is to market to current ones. An increase in income of anywhere from 25 to 95 percent
may be driven by an improvement in retention of only five percent.
Find more suitable office space for the organization and invest in its technological
advancement in order to expand the BBBSCM's capacity for infrastructure. Determine the
optimal space needs for Big Brothers Big Sisters, keeping in mind the organizations potential for
future expansion. Locate the most suitable area for the construction of additional office spaces
(Brady & Curtin, 2012). Determine the organization's long and short lease or own philosophy, as
well as its policy approach, via a procedure that is devoted to the Board of Directors. Execute a
strategy for the functional occupancy of the facility during the following two years, with
expenses serving as a primary variable in the process. Give the Board Technology Committee
the responsibility of analyzing the current state of Big Brothers Big Sisters' hardware, software,
and overall technological infrastructure within a year and making recommendations on how
these areas might be improved. Create a strategy for increasing Big Brothers Big Sisters' overall
technological capabilities while staying within the first year's allotted spending limit for the
budget. Find specific funding possibilities to improve the technology used by non-profit
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