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What makes for good TV

What makes for good TV?
According to Flexible Falmouth university a TV show has a list of criteria that they need to follow to
be Considered as good. This criteria consists out of topics like good character development, a good
plot a good solid working plan.
But now you might think Armand where does this all come in at Olympic sport?
Well I’m gonna tell you now.
How boring will it be to see your favourite athlete keep coming in at 5th place or keep seeing them
achieve the same time. Be the first to witness the “O-nodevelopment-Sports”. People like to be kept
on the edge of their seats, the is what keeps us coming back for more. Sports are more entertaining
if the result is in doubt until the end, but that can not achieve if the athletes does not evolve.
Records are ment to be broken.
How confusing will the Olympic sports be without any structure. Timeframe and structure is an
important aspect that should be taken seriously. Sports that consist out of too long timeframes wil
make the spectator reluctant to get involved, and if it consists out of too shortframes they may be
unwilling to invest time or even money. Sports that condense fast paced action into a timeframe
that is not too long for the spectator tend to prosper well.
Just like how each tv show brings people together so does the Olympic games. Months before the
Olympic games starts the Olympic torch is lit. Millions of people around the world logs in to watch
this event live. Watching the torch being passed down from person to person makes the excitement
starts to boil inside you for what may this new era of Olympic games hold in.
Scott Hamilton, a figure skater representing the United States, claimed that “most other
competitions are individual achievements, but the Olympic Games is something that belongs to
What is better than sitting on the edge of your seat, adrenaline pulsing through your veins and your
heart pounding in your head. Shouting your lungs out and crying your eyes dry. This is the aspects of
good entertainment that will leave you wanting more.
Records to be broken, hearts to be shattered, tears to be cried and friends to be made. All for good