Assignment #1—Olympic Observations ENG 150 Goal:

Assignment #1—Olympic Observations
ENG 150
Make an observation(s) about the recently completed Olympic games that
causes me to examine them in a new light. Your observations may be
positive or negative or both. From a stylistic point of view, the goal here is
reflection or observation, something you will find that Bill Bryson does
exceptionally well.
The document should be 800 to 1000 words in length and may effectively
incorporate at least one visual. Visuals can be taken from any source (as
long as the source is cited) or you may create them.
Audience: The audience you will be writing for is a lay audience well outside of your
own profession or major. You can assume this audience is well educated
and familiar with the Olympic games.
Teach us about something we are not likely to know. Sometimes this
means casting the familiar in an unfamiliar light. It can be a very formal
topic or it can be a little off-beat. There is room to be creative here.
Objective: --Help your audience understand the topic
--Present the content so all 7 C’s are met
--Choose appropriate detail
--Utilize effective writing strategies (i.e. analogy, narrative, comparison/
--Fill in the appropriate contexts (i.e. environmental, historical,
--Be organized, logical, and thoughtful
Due dates: Rough Draft due September 3
Final Draft due September 5