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ASD Summary

Autism spectrum disorder, sometimes known as autism, is a severe
developmental illness marked by problems in social functioning,
language and communication, as well as atypical behaviors and social
interests. Because autism is a spectrum condition, two children with the
same diagnosis might have drastically different symptom patterns and
levels of impairment. Intellectual difficulties, sensory and perceptual
abnormalities, and cognitive deficits are all common aspects of autism
(e.g., theory of mind, executive function). Mental diseases and
symptoms are examples of co-morbid disorders.
Retardation, epilepsy, ADHD, learning impairments, anxiety, mood
disorders, and self-harming behavior are all examples of mental
illnesses. Boys are more likely than girls to be diagnosed, although the
gender gap diminishes at higher degrees of intellectual disability. Autism
is typically a lifelong, chronic disorder, however most youngsters improve
as they become older.