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I got used to it very easily.
It was hard to get used to that.
We aren't used to buses arriving on the time here.
I’m used to eating with a knife and fork at home.
1.weather , sunshine
2 coats and jumpers, wearing
3.British money, going
4 Speaking , different accents
Two years ago, I took up doing taekwondo. Every
members of my family were against me except my father. He
always proved that girls should protect themselves, but my
mother didn’t like that that is why she forced me to give up
this sport. Because she thought that this kind of sport is not
for girls. But I carried on nevertheless my mother was against
me. I participated in competitions and finally. Of course, I
won. For those who don’t believe me, I have proven that this
sport is for girls as well. But as soon as i entered to
presidential school, I had to give up this sport