A 5 Choosing the right information Section

Section A: Reading
Reading Non-Fiction and Media Texts
5 Choosing the right information
Student Book Page 45
Read the following two texts: Text A and Text B.
1 Identify the audience, the purpose and the form of each text.
2 The key points from each text are listed in the chart below.
Complete the key points by filling in the missing words.
Text A
Text B
Young people are developing
72% of teenagers do less than
__________________. It’s
_______ of sport in school each
usually adults who get this.
Many 7–18 year olds are
Doctors predict huge rise in
classified as ___________.
number of people with
Childhood obesity has
_________ in 20 years.
Teenagers do less ______ in
Few people like doing PE in
school because of _________.
school than anywhere else in
Sport in schools can be _____
________________ are to blame
French, German and Spanish do
for playing grounds being sold.
___ hours more sport per week
France and ___________ treat
sport in schools seriously.
National ________ suffer
because of this.
and have ___________.
Sports fields are being sold by
Test results are more important
than ___________.