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22.Checklist-Granolithic flooring

Location/Structure: ___________________________
Date: _________________
Ref. Drg. No.: __________________________
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Pre Execution Checks
1 Is it the methodology approved prior to start the work?
2 Is it the latest approved drawings available at site?
3 Is it the the surface of base concrete thoroughly cleaned of all dirt, loose particles, caked mortar
droppings, and laitance, if any, by scrubbing with coir or steel wire brush.?
5 Are the required tools available for the work?
6 Is it the required quantity of approved Material available at site?
During Execution Checks:
7 Is it the hardened concrete surface roughened by chipping or hacking at close- intervals?
8 Is it the existing concrete surface wetted with water for several hours and surplus water
removed by mopping immediately before the topping is laid in position?
9 Is it the screed strips fixed over the base concrete dividing it into suitable panels as recommended?
10 Are the screed strips so arranged that the joints, if any, in the base concrete coincide with the joints
in the topping?
11 Is it before placing the granolithic concrete mix (1:1:2) for topping, neat cement slurry
thoroughly brushed into the prepared surface of the base concrete?
12 Is it the topping laid in accordance with specification, very thoroughly tamped, struck off level
and the surface floated with a wooden float?
13 Is it the top surface of the granolithic concrete tested with the straightedge / spirit-level to detect
any inequalities in the surface?
14 Is it the flooring surface after finishing protected from rapid drying, by erecting barriers against
wind or draught and from strong sunlight?
16 Is it the hardened surface kept continuously moist for at least ten days by means of wet gunny