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Bobo doll planning

Keywords for the Bobo doll experiment:
Peers, children, violence, aggressive, copy, role model, authority, doll, physical aggression,
mimic, attack, observing
Task checklist
What was the Bobo doll experiment?
The Bobo doll experiment (1961) led by psychologist Albert Bandura shows that kids learn
and mimic social behaviours by observing adults around them. The experiment was
conducted by a team of researchers, who would verbally and physically abuse an inflatable
doll (dubbed Bobo) in front of young children. This later led to the children mimicking the
behaviour of the researchers, by attacking the doll the same way the adults did, when they
were alone with the doll.
What made the Bobo doll experiment significant?
The Bobo doll experiment was a very significant study about aggression and imitating
behaviour. This experiment is very controversial as the psychologist who demonstrated it,
used preschool aged children as test subjects. The methodology of showing children
violence towards something/someone harmless was critiqued because it may stick with a
child for the rest of their life.