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Tesla and Mining Project

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1. Tesla
How to trade Tesla stock? Buy or sell the electric car giant led by Elon Musk? Let's
see the strategies according to technical analysis
In the first quarter of this year, Tesla produced 305,407 electric vehicles and
delivered 310,048, up sharply from the same period last year (180,338 and 184,800,
respectively). Model 3s and Model Ys accounted for 95 percent of deliveries during
the period.
The company produced 4,641 fewer cars than were delivered during the first three
months of the year due to supply chain blockages and plant closures. Analysts
expected deliveries of 317,000 vehicles for the first quarter, according to FactSet
estimates through March 31, 2022.
Estimates ranged from a low of 278,000 vehicle deliveries to a high of 357,000.
Recall that in the fourth quarter of 2021, Tesla delivered 308,600 electric vehicles,
marking an important record for the company.
Globally, Tesla's operations during the first three months were weighed down by a
new wave of Covid-19 in China, which required temporary production disruptions at
its Shanghai plant.
Tesla has also been hurt by inflation: due to increases in commodity prices, the
company has raised the selling prices of its electric cars in both the U.S. and China,
CEO Elon Musk said on the occasion of the release of first-quarter production
In addition, components such as semiconductors continue to be in short supply, and
prices of raw materials such as nickel and aluminum have risen since the start of the
conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The company recently opened the Gigafactory
in Austin, Texas.
Tesla's new factory will initially produce the Model Y SUV and, next year, the
Cybertruck, which has been delayed since it was first unveiled in 2019. The Texas
factory, Tesla's fourth global assembly plant, was unveiled just weeks after the
company marked the opening of its plant in Germany. Against this backdrop, let's
take a look at Tesla's technical picture and how to trade with IG's Turbo24
Tesla shares: technical analysis and operating strategies
Tesla's technical picture still looks constructive on Wall Street, despite the recent
price decline that brought the prices back to the test of the $1,020 area. Should the
corrective movement continue, signals of strength in the 1,000 dollar area could be
exploited to re-enter the market in a long direction, in line with the short-term trend.
In this case, buyers could identify the first profit target in the 1,100 dollar area and a
more ambitious target near the trend line that connects the highs recorded in
November 2021 and January 2022, now transiting at 1,157 dollars. In the short term,
the positivity would be undermined with a violation of $950, a movement that could
carry the prices to the test of the static support at $884. Let's see now the strategy
and the operating levels in detail.
2. Bitcoin Mining Project
News for the future of cryptocurrencies
Certainly from the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami emerges a rapidly evolving
regulatory framework to keep pace with the increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies.
The US has expressed an interest in becoming a major hub for industry institutions,
as evidenced by Senator Cynthia Lummis, who during her speech highlighted
President Joe Biden's executive order on cryptocurrencies, which required
government agencies to study digital assets and assess their potential.
The Bitcoin mining sector, which has now turned into an industrial activity with
companies listed on the stock exchange, is looking for clear regulations and it is no
coincidence that much of it has moved to North America. Manufacturers of the
hardware needed for the mining process have also introduced numerous innovations
in terms of energy efficiency and the use of renewable sources. In this regard, Adam
Back of Blockstream has announced that his 'green' infrastructure for bitcoin mining
will use Tesla equipment.
Finally, large companies have announced several integrations with the Bitcoin
Lighting Network, which could drive the adoption of the leading cryptocurrency into
everyday use. For example, trading giant Robinhood unveiled new digital wallets for
its customers, but surely the most impactful integration was presented by Strike CEO
Jack Mallers, who in partnership with Shopify, aims to introduce Bitcoin payments to
thousands of e-commerce businesses.
And of course the most important part of the project the profit margins. Below
you can find the amount needed for each specific project and how much you
can excpect to make on a weekly/monthly basis and also on a long term 3-6
month period
Buy Price
Market Value
Return (After
Return ( After
ROI ( Return
on Investment
on a 3-6 Month
5,000 USD
5,000 USD
10,000 USD
10,000 USD
100% per
150% per
Bitcoin Mining
Bitcoin Mining
Bitcoin Mining
35,000 USD
60,000 USD
90,000 USD
42,000 USD
84,000 USD
126,000 USD