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Magnets and magnetic fields

Unit 4.3 Magnets & Magnetic Fields
Name: ________________
READ the following statement and if it’s false, correct the statement
1. Magnets have 2 poles - positive and negative.
2. Steel is a combination of iron and carbon.
3. Magnesium is a magnetic material.
4. A force makes something speed up/ slow down / change direction or change shape.
Draw the magnetic field:
Fill in the blanks with the following words:
All magnets have two _______ :
one North - ___________ pole and one _________ - seeking pole.
Opposite poles will ___________ each other.
Like poles will ___________ each other: they will push each other ___________
Magnets will also attract pieces of ___________ metals such as iron, nickel and _________
Fill in the blanks by unscrambling the jumbled-up words
‘Field lines’ or ‘Force lines’ are used to show the direction & strength of the magnetic (IFEDL)
________ around a magnet.
The closer together the field lines are, the (EGSNORT) ___________ the field is.
A magnetic field is strongest nearest its (ESLOP) ________ - we can see this because the
field lines are (ERSLOC) _________ together.
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