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CH1 Assignment

Chapter 1 Assignments
1. Figure 1 shows a hydraulic lift.
Figure 1 A car on something that looks like a lift
a. What is the pressure (in Pa) needed to lift a 2000-lbf Myvi car if the piston has a
mass of 50 kg and a radius of 200 inch?
b. Using the same pressure in 1(a), what is the piston radius (in ft) required if there are
two Myvi cars?
2. Figure 2 shows two open water tanks at sea level.
h1 = 10 m
h2 = 2.5 m
D1 = 4 m
D2 = 8 m
Tank 1
Tank 2
Figure 2 Two tanks storing water
a. What is the pressure at the bottom of each tank?
b. If Tank 2 is placed on the summit of Mount Everest, what is the difference in
pressure at the bottom of each tank between Tank 1 and Tank 2? Consider the
change in gravitational constant g and the atmospheric pressure (Google and write
them down on your paper).
3. Using two reference temperature points (boiling, freezing, etc.), derive the conversion
formula for these temperature scales:
a. Celsius and Fahrenheit
b. Celsius and Kelvin
c. Rankine and Fahrenheit
d. Rankine and Kelvin
4. Applying the conversion formula from (3), convert the following the temperatures into the
scale in bracket.
a. The human body has an average temperature of 37 °C. (°F)
b. When a lightning strike, temperatures can reach as high 54000 °F. (°C)
c. The average temperature of the universe is approximately 2.73 K. (°C and °F)
d. The surface temperature of the sun is about 6000 K. (°C and R)
e. The reaction inside a nuclear fusion reactor has temperatures greater than 100
million °C. (K and R)