Q UESTION Lecture 7: First Semester, 2013/2014

Philadelphia University
Faculty of Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering
First Semester, 2013/2014
Lecture 7:
The town of San Joes has an existing horizantal
flow sedimentation tank with an overflow rate of
17m3/d.m2 and wishes to remove particles that
have settling velocity of 0.1mm/s, 0.2 mm/s and 1
mm/s. What is the percentage removal should be
expected for each particle in an ideal
sedimentation tanks.
P = 100 (Vs/Vo)
Determine the surface area of a setting tank for
the flow rate of 0.5m3/s with a typical overflow
rate of 40.3 m3/d.m
Find the tank dimensions
Find the depth? For a detention time of 95