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Activity 1: Since you are now armed with basic knowledge of alternator construction,
parts, nameplate and ratings, generation of voltage, coil pitch and pitch factor solving
real-world problems. It is now your turn to prove what you have learned in the previous
discussion. Solve the following problems.
1. A 90-slot stator has a three-phase six-pole whole-coiled, each coil of which
spans from slot 1 to slot 14. Calculate: (a) the pitch factor; (b) the distribution
factor. Ans.: 0.978; 0.955
2. The following information is given in connection with an alternator: slots = 144;
poles = 8; rpm = 900; turns per coil = 6; φ = 1.8 x 106; coil span = slots 1 to 16;
winding = whole-coiled three-phase; winding connection = star. What voltage
would be generated per phase if the winding is connected for two-phase
operation? Ans.: 1,805 volts