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Rey Joseph Bersano
III. Essay: In your own opinion give at least one common scenario on each types
of accidents usually happens in the work place. (25 points)
1. In a manufacturing workshop, a worker carrying a box tripped and fell over an
electrical lead that ran across the walkway. During the fall, he hit his head and
shoulder on a piece of equipment's corner. He suffered a serious shoulder injury
that necessitated major surgery. The company was fined 50,000 pesos after being
prosecuted. Due to a skilled labor shortage, the injured worker was out of work for
three months and could not be replaced during that time.\
2. Workers were maneuvering an overhead crane when the metal plate weighed
about 7,330 pounds. It came off the lifting clamp, fell, beaten, and killed a worker.
3. A construction worker lifts bricks in a bucket to the top of a building. The bucket
tilted and bricks spilled out of the bucket, hitting the worker on the head. Worker
gets a beating left him with a head injury and he died in the hospital eight days
4. Mark was assigned to clean the dust from a conveyor belt attached to the
separator. As he reached between the pitch and belt return, the moving belt
grabbed him and guided his arm and arm to the pinch point of the tail pulley,
severely fractured his arm.
5. Joe was a tenacious veteran tradesman who knew how to protect himself
adequately and didn't need a safety officer to tell him what to do. Joe strictly
followed safety regulations, with one exception: he refused to take off his wedding
ring. Most people assumed he knew what he was doing as a journeyman
electrician — probably better than anyone else. When a coworker arrived at work
one day, he learned that Joe had been killed. He had been working on an induction
hardener when it suddenly discharged electricity. The arc flash passed from the
machine to Joe's wedding ring, delivering enough electricity into his body to kill
IV. Illustration: Explain the image/picture below in your own words, based on the
type of working environment it reflects. (25 points)
As you can see in the picture, the overall work environment is a big mess. The
worker doesn’t have the proper PPE which can result in serious injuries. There are living
creatures in the workplace that suppose not to be there, it can be the reason for a big
accident. The boxes in which the equipment is placed are not properly arranged, which
can result in an accident called struck by a falling object. There is also an unsealed
flammable can that is not properly placed and the oil spill is constantly happening. This
can be a cause for a big and catastrophic fire. I can also see a broken wire that can
eventually cause electrocution. Lastly, the ladder with different objects on it can create
minor or major accidents.