Tyler (Night School)

Tyler (Night School)
Pressure Of Being a Student and Worker
I think be a student and worker is very difficult. First reason ﹐the students have
to prepare homework and examination. Second﹐the worker have to work every day
.Third﹐both students and workers have to study. It is a lot of pressure.
For example. I have to work because I have to pay my school-fee. I have to go to
the college in order to raise my salary. On the other hand﹐it causes me a lot of
pressure﹐so I consider that be a student and worker is hard for me.
In conclusion ﹐Some students or workers have to do their part-time job. They have
no much time to do their to do their homework and spent a lot of their time in class
as their exhausted from work. It is hard to balance their time between study and work.