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Sample PowerPoint Presentation
Helpful Tips for Tech Users
You don’t have to be a genius to make a good
presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint, but you do need to
know a few things.
A presentation does not have to be very fancy in order to
be effective, but it needs to be easy to follow and
interesting to watch.
No matter whether you are in school or presenting to
potential clients as part of a company pitch, creating an
informative and enjoyable presentation is vital to its
Cometdocs Conversion Formats
Create PDF from almost any document format
Turn PDF tables into editable spreadsheets
Convert Scanned and Image documents into Office formats
Convert PDF to HTML
Convert PDF to AutoCAD
Convert XPS to Word
Convert XPS to Excel
PDF to images (png, jpg, gif, tif…)
PDF to LibreOffice/OpenOffice formats
Much more…
Transfer Large Files
Can be used anonymously
Upload files to Clipboard and Drag them to the Transfer tab
Or drag already Stored files to the Transfer tab
Enter the recipient and sender email addresses and click send
Secure File Storage
Cometdocs offers secure file storage 
– Free users can store up to 2 GB of any file type
– Premium users can store 10 and 20 GB respectively
How to share files on Cometdocs?
Select a document and click
the Share button located in
the upper menu 
Go to the Host tab anytime
to revise your sharing
Choose if you want to share
files publicly, privately or
with other COMETDOCS
What is a Cometdocs public profile?
A place where all your publicly shared documents are available
Go to Settings – Enable public profile