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Article Analysis- Tongue twister 2

Article Analysis:
Tongue Twister, a 70-year-old man loses his language overnight
1. What two languages could Paul speak throughout his whole life?
2. Describe the pants Paul was wearing in the Emergency room.
3. What are five reasons listed in the article that can cause confusion?
4. What were the results from the doctor’s neurological exam?
5. How long has Paul spoke fluent English?
6. Describe aphasia. List three common symptoms of aphasia.
7. What is the difference between receptive aphasia and expressive aphasia?
8. What are the 3 causes listed in the article that can cause aphasia? Please provide the medical
definition of these 3 causes.
9. What is something that changed in Paul’s behaviour over the last few weeks?
10. The limbic system contains the 6 following structures, the amygdala, hippocampus,
thalamus, hypothalamus, basal ganglia, and cingulate gyrus. Explain the function of each.
11. What lobe of the brain is the limbic system located deep within?
12. True or False: A stroke takes years to develop and is a chronic degenerative disease yet
Alzheimer’s shows symptoms in minutes.
13. What is another name for a spinal tap?
14. What fluid contains immune cells and pathogens when the brain is inflamed or infected?
15. How is herpes transmitted?
16. Is there a cure for Herpes? What is the treatment for herpes?
17. Why did the herpes virus knock out Paul’s ability to speak English and not Portuguese?
18. What does the herpes virus normally manifest as? Hint: they occur around the mouth.
19. What is the memory center of the brain called?
20. How many days did Paul stay in the hospital?
21. What are the four lobes of the brain and name two things that each lobe controls.