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Pineda, Angel - Intro in Projectile Motion

Pineda, Angel E.
1. Suppose you are about to do an experiment on projectile motion. Make an introduction for it.
In this experiment, you will be able to familiarize with the two dimensional projectile
motion. In essence, projectile implies the object’s initial velocity after being affected with the
influence of gravity. The concept of projectile motion has two main components; x and y. We can
say that X - component is the constant velocity motion of an object in horizontal direction (e.g.
motion of billiard ball in the table). On contrary, Y – component is the accelerated motion in vertical
direction, by which gravity (9.8 m/s2) affects the acceleration of an object (e.g. rock thrown from a
The integral idea of projectile motion is that constant acceleration has particular directions
(e.g. downward). Whenever constant acceleration is present, we are free to choose the coordinates
(e.g. x-axis) for the direction of acceleration. That way, the acceleration is only along one axis at
constant velocity (zero acceleration) along other axes. Moreover, motion of the projectile can be
broken down into horizontal and vertical components. The two components can be treated as
independent to one another. The strategy on breaking down into two independent components
efficiently simplifies solving projectile motion problems.