MOTION OF A PROJECTILE Today’s Objective: 1. Graphical Solution

Class Lecture 3: Thursday, August 27, 2015
Today’s Objective:
1. Graphical Solution
2. Motion of a Projectile
s, v, a Curves
Problem 2/48
A subway train travels between two of its stops with the acceleration schedule
shown. Determine the time interval ∆𝑡 during which the train brakes to a stop
with deceleration of 2 m/s2 and find the distance s between stations.
Projectile Motion
Problem 2/79
A projectile is launched with an initial speed of 200 m/s at an angle of 600 with
respect to horizontal. Compute the range R as measured up the incline.
Problem 2.90
Given: Package is released at 300 km/h at A. Find distance s and time t.