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Concrete Production Equipment

Concrete Production Equipment
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Concrete Production Equipment
• The equipments which is used for the production of concrete and the
placing of concrete also it is term as a concrete production equipment.
There are several phases of making concrete like storing, transporting,
compacting, finishing and curing of concrete.
• For every phase, there are different equipment is use.
• These equipments are follow.
• Storing plant
• Batching Plant
 Storing Plant
• For storing different material are stored in different
chambers, because of not mixing of material in
improper percentage.
• Different size of aggregate are stored in different
• And these material are mixed in mixing plant in a
definite proportion.
 Batching Plant
• This plant consist of all arrangements for receving raw
materials form storage box.
• There are various types of batching plant as Per Your
Site requirement.
Stationary concrete plant
Mobile Concrete Plant
Dry mix concrete plant/Transit Mixers
Wet mix concrete plant
1. Stationary Concrte Plant
• Statinary plant is designed to produced high quality
concrete it has the advantages of large output high
effeciencey and high stability and high specification
stationary concrete batching plant adopts reliable and
flexible it is easy to maintain and own a low failure
rate it is widely used in various projects such as roads
and bridges ports tunnels dams and buildings.
2. Mobile Concrete Plant
• Mobile concrete plant the mobile batch plant also
known as a portable concrete plant is a very productive
reliable and cost-effective piece of equipment to
produce batches of concrete it allows the user to batch
concrete at most any location then move to another
location and batch concrete portable plants are the best
choice for
• Temporary site projects or even stationary locations
where the
• Equipment height is a factor or the required production
rate is lower.
3. Dry mix concrete plant/Transit Mixers
• Dry mix concrete plant a dry mix concrete plant also
known as transit mix plant weighs sand gravel and
cement in weight batches via digital or manual scales
all the ingredients then are discharged into a shoot
which discharges into a truck meanwhile water is
either being weighed or volumetrically metered and
discharged through the same charging chute into the
mixer truck these ingredients are then mixed for a
minimum of 70 to 100 revolutions during
transportation to the job site.
4. Wet mix concrete plant
• The concrete is mixed at a single point and then
simply agitated on the way to the job site to prevent
setting using agitators or ready mix trucks or haul to
the job site in an open body dump truck.
 Concrete Mixer
• Concrete mixer mix the different materials of concrete
to make a mix of specified consistency.
• Important things for production of concreteis
dependupon many factors like sequence of materials
charged into drum, timely supply of water, time of
mixing, etc.
• Concrete mixer are specified by the volume of
concrete discharged after mixing the each batch, in
cubic meter.
 Transporting Concrete Equipments
• Specification states that process of mixing,
transporting, placing and compacting the concrete
should not take more than the initial time of the
• So we have to chose thw transporting equipment in
such a way that all process will occur in initial time of
Some are following.
1. Pans
2. Wheel Barrows
3. Power Buggies
4. Tower Bucket
5. Crane Bucket, etc
 Conccrete Compaction Equipments
• Compaction of concrete is important to improve the
characteristics of concrete.
• Generally 5% strength of concrete can be reduce by 1%
• Methods of compaction.
Air Jets,etc