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To-do-list (1)

1. Current color Copy of your Passport
2. Complete and return a copy of the Undergraduate International Financial Certificate
3. Provide proof of Funds showing at least $38,664 for the cost of your first year of
tuition, fees, and living expenses
a. If you are receiving any scholarships, these can be used to reduce the amount
you will need to show proof. This includes our scholarship if you plan to accept
that, meaning that you would need to show $38,664-$10,000 or $28,664 for
proof of funding.
b. When providing bank statements for proof of funding, please review our
requirements for these documents before you request them to ensure you’ll
have all that you need. All requirements are listed at the bottom of the
webpage https://www.montana.edu/international/admissions/cost.html. You will
need to complete the international financial certificate to accompany personal
proof of funding.
In addition to the items above, I wanted to share some resources/reminders and other
requirements that you should complete soon:
1. Remember to accept the scholarship from our office as soon as possibly by returning
a completed copy of the second page of the award letter to our office.
2. Have final official transcripts sent directly to MSU from your institution. Emailed
documents are unfortunately not official so if your institution does not use a secure
transcript system such as parchment, you should request that they mail your
transcripts to the address in my signature.
3. Please also know that immunization records and a TB screening form are required for
students joining the MSU community. Both can be completed online through our
University Health Partner’s website.
4. You can also review your admission letter for any missing items.
5. Our New Student Welcome Guide gives students a bit more information about
attending MSU and a US school.
6. Apply for housing online as soon as possible at https://www.montana.edu/reslife/.
7. To learn more about the VISA application process, please visit our webpage