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Environmental Degradation

Environmental Degradation
Philippines is undergoing much environmental degradation mainly in the form of deforestation,
soilerosion, disruption of hydrological systems, over exploitation of fisheries, destruction of coral reefs,
and extinction of species. These problems are accentuated by the pressures of a large, fast growing and
improverished population and they may shortly start to be aggravated yet more by climatic change in
the wake of the global greenhouse effect. The environmental degradation leads to adverse economic
consequences that are pervasive and profound as may be expected in a country where several salient
sectors of development are dependent upon the natural resource base. Environmental degradation
could well preclude the Philippines prospects for sustainable development.
Environmental Degradation
Air pollution
Water pollution
Solid Waste
Air pollution –Burning of fossil fuel
It is the main cause of increase
Destruction of Resources
Example of the Greenhouse Effect
The Sun’s energy passes through the car’s windshield. This energy (heat) is trapped inside the car and
cannot pass back through the windshield, causing the inside of the car to warm up.