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PAE - Task Assignment #2 (1)

PAE – Task Assignment #2
Task: In this assignment you will complete three (3) tasks. You will use pp. 6-8, 64-65 of the
College Writing text. All three tasks are to be submitted in the same Word file.
Task #2.1: On page 6, number 2, brainstorm a list on one of three subjects: 1) teenage fashions,
2) things to do at the beach, or, 3) driving a motorcycle. Write your answers in the Word file.
Task #2.2: On page 8, Mapping, use your list from page 6 and create a mind map (download a
template from the Internet or make your own on a piece of A4 paper). At the center put in your
main idea/thesis statement (e.g., Teenage fashion). Create 3 or 4 categories to categorize your
ideas in a second layer. Then add the rest of the information in a third layer. Insert your mind
map in the Word file.
Task #2.3: Use the instructions and example from pages 64-65. Create an outline from your
mind map. Write your outline in the Word file (do not use HWP).
Format: 12 point type, on A4 paper.
Properly formatted
No capitalization, commas, periods errors
Use MS Word, do not use HWP.
Due: 24.03.2022
Submit: Canvas
Task Example: On the second page there are examples of a completed task. Use this as a
template for you own work. Do not copy the contents. Note the identification header in the top
left corner has four pieces of information (name, student #, class code and date due. Follow this
Grade: Pass/fail
Kim, Ji-hyun
Task #2.1: List example: create your own from one of three options: 1) teenage fashions, 2)
things to do at the beach, or 3) driving a motorcycle.
What should I study in College?
History – learning about the past
Math (too difficult, not interesting?)
What job do I want later?
English for work? Travel?
Science – biology, chemistry
I don’t like physics!
I like reading – literature?
Art –drawing, painting, sculpture
Studying / homework
Friends / social life
Task #2.2: Mind map: This is where you insert a downloaded mind map or create one from
Word. Fill it in with the information from task #2.1.
Task #2.3: Outline example
What should I study in College?
What should I study in College
Least favourite subjects
A. Science
1. Biology
2. Physics
3. Math
Good subjects for jobs
A. Journalism
B. Business
1. Good money
2. Boring?
Favorite subjects
A. Art
1. Sculpture
2. Painting
3. Photography
B. History
1. Become a teacher
2. The past
3. Too much reading?
C. English
1. Travel
2. Job
A. Study business
B. Boring but will become rich!