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Common Lab Apparatus

Laboratory Equipment is used to carry out scientific experiments. While different types
of laboratories need different types of apparatus, some are common to all.
1. Triple Beam Balance – is used to measure mass or weigh substances very
2. Beakers – are used to contain and measure liquids and they come in different sizes
3. Graduated Cylinders – are used to measure volume of liquids.
4. Erlenmeyer Flask – is used for mixing and storing chemicals and solutions.
5. Florence Flask – is used for uniform heating, boiling, distillation, and ease of
6. Pasteur pipette or Dropper – is used to transfer small quantities of liquid.
7. Buret – is used to measure the volume of a liquid or a gas.
8. Buret Holder – is used to support Buret.
9. Spatula & Micro spatula – are used for scrapping and transferring chemicals.
10. Bunsen Burner – is used for heating and combustion.
11. Hot Plate – is used to heat glassware and its content.
12. Clay Triangle – is used to support a crucible during heating.
13. Evaporating Dish – is used to evaporate excess solvents like water.
14. Iron stand – supports the iron ring when heating substances or mixtures in a flask
or beaker.
15. Iron ring – is used to hold laboratory glassware and other equipment in place.
16. Centrifuge – is used for the separation of fluids, gas or liquid based on density.
17. Mortar & Pestle – is used for mincing, grinding, and mixing substances.
18. Separatory Funnel – is used to separate immiscible liquids.
19. Thermometer – is used to measure temperature.
20. Stirring rod – is used for mixing chemicals and solutions.
21. Spot Plate – is used to perform reaction on a small quantity of chemicals.
22. Test Tube Rack – is used to hold upright multiple test tubes.
23. Test tube - is used to hold small amount of liquids.
24. Thiele tube – is used for melting point determination.
25. Wash bottle – is used for rinsing various pieces of lab glasswares.
26. Water Bath – is used to incubate samples at constant temperature over a period of
27. Water trough – is used for collecting gases.
28. Wire Gauze & tripod – are used for heating glassware and its contents.
29. Distillation Set-up (distilling flask, condenser, adaptor) –
*Distillation – is used to separate liquids from nonvolatile solids.