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Preposition Test 2

L. Arts I
Topic: Prepositions
Section I: Circle the prepositional phrases in each sentence and then write the object of the
prepositions on the line. (1 pt each)
1. A humongous crowd of fans gathered in the stadium. _____________
2. I slept for several hours during the flight. ______________________
3. We remained great friends despite our conflicts in the past. ___________
4. The students observed the experiment through a microscope. ______________________
5. The truth lies deep beneath the heart. _____________
6. My family visited Mexico around summertime in 1987. ____________
7. Can we learn about the culture of the Nigerians? ________________
8. Vivian seemed engaged in the sporting activities at school. ______________ ________
Section II: Circle on the prepositions in each sentence below. (1 pt each) [Hint: There are 9
prepositions below.]
1. Nina from Hawaii visited during the winter.
2. Some cookies in the oven burnt to a crisp.
3. Shiela and Bob can’t live without their ipods.
4. People in Jamaica love reggae music by Damien Marley.
5. The submarine emerged from the deep blue sea to travel towards South America,