I reminisce, I miss

Some days, I reminisce, I miss:
Those days of yesteryear,
When life seemed so simple,
When all seemed easy, all was free.
Memories that bought a smile to my lips,
Memories that tickle and tease.
Every now and then I reminisce, I miss:
When as kids,
All I sang were nursery rhymes,
Stealing chocolates from the fridge was my only crime,
Sleeping used to come early, at nine,
Never cared about the day and date.
Playing outside from dawn till dusk,
Climbing bars, Pushing swings, Riding slides, Playing hide & seek
Pretending we were king of the jungle.
Anything you could think of, I’ve done it all.
Getting bruised or skinning knees?
That was nothing new!
Life was then exciting and alluring.
From time to times, I reminisce, I miss:
How exciting school used to be,
I miss the adrenaline rushing through my body,
As I race to call shotgun on the front seat,
I miss show & tell,
I miss receiving treats,
As I managed to answer a simple question of ABC,
sharing food during recess,
talking about our favourite cartoon of the day,
Laughing out loud at the silly jokes,
And when we used to stealthily do prank.
Living a No stress and No worries life,
Uncomplicated definitely enjoyable.
Now and again, I reminisce, I miss:
those days of yesteryear,
where I could do absolutely anything.
Camping in our backyard,
Which was full of fun and thrill.
Walking and cycling around the neighbourhood,
Greeting neighbours,
With a smile, a wave or a pleasant “hello”.
Playing pretend,
One day we’re princesses attending tea parties,
One day we’re doctors performing surgery.
Nothing else other than curiosity and imagination,
Everything felt surreal,
Everything felt so real.
Now looking back, such a long time it seems,
Sometimes I wonder was it all in my dreams.
I keep stumbling to find a way to bring back those days of yesteryear.
I have become taller,
I’m no longer the kid with red flushed cheeks who likes candy,
Now, as I become a young lady with a handful of responsibilities,
Only now I realise,
How mean,
How scary,
How this world isn’t filled with cupcakes and sunshine.
Reality is… you have to burn yourself in order to shine.
Never have I imagined and expected.
But then again,
What was I expecting,
Of course… growing up is tough and full of challenges!
Of course…during the process my heart will shatter as I wonder,
Why? Why?
Why can’t it be as easy as it used to be?
It can’t.
Because the tears I shed will water the seed I plant in the past,
It will grow and bloom in my own garden in the future.
Therefore, I long for the days of yesteryear with fondness,
And at the same time, I embrace the gift of today.
Now is the moment for me to learn, to improve and to change.
I reminisce, I miss.