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Assignment-My life as a plant

My life as a Plant
You are to take the character of a plant (you are the plant)
and create a narrative of its life and its processes.
The narrative has to cover the following but does not need to
follow the order mentioned below. (Note: Some of the points
mentioned below may overlap)
 Identify the type of plant (that is its genera or common name such as an African
 Location of the plant (example is it in the front or back garden, a room in the
house, window sill etc)
 The benefits of plants to society
 How the plant obtains the nutrients to survive.
 Major organs that make up a plant and its functions (roots, stem, leaves,
flowers, vascular system)
 How the plant reproduces
 State the purpose of the xylem and phloem and how they function.
 Explain the purpose of the root system
 Explain the process of photosynthesis, where it takes place and give a
description of the reaction (equation not required).
 Explain the process and purpose of respiration (equation not required).
 Explain the process of transpiration and identify where it occurs.
Your narrative should not exceed 1000 words and you may use illustrations but
only include 1-3 pictures.
You must include a correctly formatted bibliography in Harvard style