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As I looked out my office window (descriptive writing)

As I looked out my office window, the rain and the sun had intermixed and
created the most beautiful rainbow that lit up the sky. Brighter than the sun.
The rainbow hung over the whole of London as if to present a sense of stillness
within the rain. Little did we know that at either end of the rainbow awoke two
mighty monsters that were thought to be Greek Mythology. Fenrik (the lord of
the wolves) and Nemean Lion (the god of war 3). These two immortal disasters
were raised to finish of what they started. And us Londoners were in the
middle of it all.
6:00. I woke up from the most amazing sleep only to hear the thumping of the
rain that flooded the city. Normally I would head out for a rejuvenating run to
wake my body up but all my plans were battered by the rain. By 7:00 I decided
to just go a have a relaxing bath before getting ready to go to my boring office
work. I got into my car and drove 20 miles in the rain before arriving at my
office. By 8:00 I was sitting in my office chair wondering why I had this job.
Then the sun pieced the clouds and formed a beautiful rainbow.