Atlas Vocob. Quiz

1. The location from which a country’s population is equally distributed north, south, east
and west. This location can change as the population shifts from one region to another.
2. Movement of people away from their native country or region to a new home
3. Movement of people into a new country of residence.
4. The sale of goods to a foreign country
5. The purchase of goods produced in a foreign country.
6. The ability to both read and write and a good indicator of a country’s educational level.
7. Distance north or south from the equator and the lines run east and west.
8. The association of 11 nations that control most of the world’s known oil reserves.
9. The earliest inhabitants to a region.
10. The difference between how much a country exports and how much it imports.
11. Rain or snow that carries poison formed from chemical pollutants in the atmosphere.
12. Distance east or west from the prime meridian and the lines run north and south.
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, import, immigration,
emigration, indigenous, latitude, balance of trade, acid rain, literacy, export,
longitude, center of population