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Aws Haddad assignment CH-3

1- Draw the structure of the following compounds:
(draw the most stable chair conformation)
Ethyl propyl ether
2- A) Draw the line-segment structure of the following compound:
B) What is the molecular formula of this compound?
3- Which of the following compounds is most soluble in water and why?
Compound A
The Molecular weight for compound A is the lowest and that’s make it most
soluble in water and it form a stronger intermolecular H bonding with water.
4- Which of the following compounds is able to make intermolecular Hbonding, why?
Compound A because it can form hydrogen bonds and compound a is a
propionic acid
5- Which of the following compounds has the highest boiling point? Why?
Compound A
Because there is a hydrogen is connected directly bonded to an Oxygen
which makes it form a hydrogen bonds and because of that it should
have a higher energy and higher energy mean more boiling point rises
and the R group OH has the highest boiling point.