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blood work lupus

Blood work
Hgb= 99
One of the complications of lupus is the reduced number of healthy red blood cells (anemia)
This happens in an autoimmune disease (lupus) and the antibodies may attack and destroy the red
blood cells.
Or more common is that the inflammation reduces the production of red cells in the bone marrow.
This is seen with a low hgb ( normal range 120-160 g/L for females)
CRP test (C- reactive protein)
CRP= 36.8
Levels can be high if there is inflammation or infection This test looks for inflammation which could
indicate active lupus
Higher levels may be a sign of severe bacterial infection
Normal is below 3.0 mg/L
Levels between 10-100 mg/L usually indicate inflammation
Levels greater than 100 mg/L sign of bacterial infection