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self assesment LC-1

Sania Humaira
Part 1 - Assessing Your Communication Strengths and Weaknesses
Please answer the following questions:
1. What do you consider your major communication strengths?
In having communication, I practice good intonation to give better understanding for the
audience. In Addition, I easily understand and translate the instructions from others. Lastly, I
also practice structured, cleared and competent communication
2. What do you consider your major communication weaknesses?
Along with good intonation practice, it sometimes creates excessive pressure and energy to
people which might lead to different meanings or missed communication.The rhythm of my
talking pace is too fast and leads me to lose the words I want to say.
With my limited 4 years experience at work, I would understand that leaders need to understand
the audience’s background and capabilities to create good communication. Hence in this case i
would say, I communicate my own level of language and hare to adjust the language with
audience’s competence might lead to difficulties to comprehend.
I have a reactive response in communication by easily giving instant feedback through facial
expression, sayings, and gestures.
Part 2 - Determining Your Leadership Communication Goals
Please answer the following questions to help you develop your goals (you can put Q3-Q5 in a
table consisting each question in each column):
1. What communication leadership roles would you like to play in the future (at your
organization or in your career overall)?
I always want to inspire people and be an empowered leader. Through controlled
communication skilled, along with manners, I would like to be a leader with participative and
empowering communication skills
2. What are your short-term and long-term leadership communication improvement
My short term goal in leadership communication is to be able to adjust myself in terms of way of
talk and attitude while communicating to people to not be easily reactive and more to listen and
3. What skill do you want to work on first, second, third, etc?
Communication skill
Negotiation skill
Presentation skill
Emotional skill
4. What barriers do you anticipate having to overcome to reach your improvement goals?
Emotional sensitivity
The political will in negotiation skill
The anxiety attitude in presentation skill
Sania’s Leadership Communication Table
Period of improvement
Communication skill
Reactive of defense manners
2 years
Negotiation skill
Political will
2 years
Presentation skill
Anxiety attitude
2 years
Emotional Skill
Emotional sensitivity
1 year