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[HIS] Reflection Paper

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A Performance Task and Project Performance Report presented to the
College of Liberal Arts, Criminology, and Education
Faculty of History and Social Science
In Partial fulfillment of the Requirement
for the subject Life and Works of Rizal
Degree Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
Submitted to:
Professorial Lecturer
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BSA – 203A
Date: September 17, 2021
The life of our national hero Jose Rizal is really a must-learn especially for the
youth. Ever since I was in primary school, our school would implement a lesson dedicated
for introducing and discussing about the life and works of Jose Rizal. I watched a lot of
documentaries about him as well as various movies. One fact that truly made a significant
remark when studying about Rizal is the state of the Philippines in turmoil under the reign
of the Spaniards. Until now, it is a major highlight in discussions about history. Also, the
intelligence and industrious trait of Rizal always made me amazed. At an early age, he
learned a lot and finished high school and then eventually, college where he had a
Bachelor’s degree in Arts. Moreover, he still sought for knowledge after that and went to
different schools to study. He even went to other countries such to study and create tons
of literary and artistic works. I considered him as a great intellectual which I looked upon
While watching the documentary, I felt the hardships that came to the life of Jose
Rizal. He had a lot to encounter which he endured that became the fuel for his
determination to achieve his goals. To be humorous, he also had a lot of heartbreaks
which includes the one with Leonor Rivera. Furthermore, his parents had gotten sick
because of his absence. With those I mind, it would be hard for me to be sane and
mentally stable. Still, he fought for the freedom of Filipinos by words through his two
novels (i.e. Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo). He also firmly believed that the youth
will be the greatest asset of the future generation. That is one of the reason why he raised
the flag of the Philippines in pursuit of independence.