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15. Shilin Cable support catalogue-en

Jiangsu Shilin Electric Equipment Co. Ltd.(Shilin) is a high tech enterprise located in Yangzhong
city Jiangsu province.
Company covers the area of 75,000m2, construction area 50,000m2. With staff more than 600,
amount them 16 senior engineers, 28 engineers, and 128 all other type of professional. The
company. The company has pass the CCC quality certificate, ISO9001 quality certificate,
ISO140001 environment management system certificate and “CCC” product certificate. All
products have pass all national or industry latest standard testing. Shilin registered capital is
RMB 150 million Yuan, with RMB 0.3 billion Yuan of total assets and RMB 0.8 billion Yuan of
production capacity.
Shilin has cooperated with ABB, Schneider electric for the manufacturing of electrical products.
Our main products including LV switchgear, HV insulation busduct, wind farm busduct, lighting
busduct, compact busway, IP68 waterproof, fire-resistance cable tray, anti-corrosion busduct. It
covers all series of bus duct products and it is in the leading position in China.
Shilin has been awarded as “Star Enterprise in Jiangsu Province”, “Well-known Enterprise in
Jiangsu Province”, “Enterprise without Complaints on Quality”, “Contract-observing and Promisekeeping Enterprise”, and Provincial and Municipal “AAA” Credit Standing Enterprise for several
continuous years.
Company key products
Distribution product
1. 10kV-35kV KYN28, XGN, JYN1 fixed type switch cabinet, hand car type switch cabinet,
HXGN-C, F,V series ring network unit, MD190, MNS, GCS, GCK, GGD GGL LV
2. XLC/A compact busduct, CFW high strength enclose bus trough, CMU new type energy
saving cable trough, IP69 anti-corrosion water proof DCL busduct, NHJX metal flame
retardant bus trough, GGM insulated bus duct, FMG wind farm insulation bus duct.
Cable tray products
S:K-DJ Large span cable tray
SLJ-U, T, H type cable bridge
SLJ-ZBQ FRP cable bridge
SLJ-LQJ Aluminum alloy anti-corrosion cable tray
SLJ-HQ Nuclear grade cable tray
NDCH fire-retardant cable tray
TA ship used cable tray
Automatic molding production line
Automatic spraying workshop