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Theoretical Background
This study is anchored on the theories of Jerome Bruner which is the
theory of discovery learning, Howard Gardner for multiple intelligences,
David A. Kolb for experiential learning, and Lev Vygotsky which is the social
development theory. These theories are the bases for the implementation
of the K to 12 program in which Senior High School is a part of. The
academic track instruction components were designed according to the
four theories mentioned. The theories helped in identifying the status of
implementation of the academic track instruction in Senior High School to
the identified private schools in Northern Cebu thus, these theories served
as the framework or foundation of the concept being discussed and
introduced in this dissertation.
The theory of discovery learning by Jerome Bruner served as a way
of implementing an inquiry-based learning and it is also a constructivist
approach in education. It promotes a minimal guidance of a teacher to
their students in which the teachers will provide a fewer explanation to their
topics, the problems that will be given to the students will have a multiple
solutions, they will use different hands-on materials, there will be a fewer
repetition and memorization.
In order for the theory of discovery learning to be implemented
properly the teachers must guide their students on how they can build