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AP Human Geography
Agriculture Geography and Urban Geography Study Guide
Please study the following:
Modern Definition of Agriculture
Primary Economic Sector
Secondary Economic Sector
Tertiary Economic Sector
Quaternary Economic Sector
Commercial Agriculture
Subsistence Agriculture
Intensive Subsistence Agriculture
Extensive Subsistence Agriculture
Intensive Commercial Agriculture
Extensive Commercial Agriculture
Labor Force Working in Agriculture (Worldwide and in the United States)
Hunting and Gathering
Regions Where Animals Were Originally Domesticated
Major U.S. Dairy Producing Regions
Carl Sauer
Ester Bosrup
Main Agricultural Hearths
The Industrial Revolution and Agriculture
Shifting Cultivation
Swidden Agriculture
Pastoral Nomadism
World’s Most Widely Produced Grains
What happens to most of the grain in the U.S.?
Top Wheat Producing Countries
Top Wheat Producing States
Green Revolution
Top Grain Producing Area in Canada
Barbed Wire and Cattle Ranching in the 1800s
Feedlots vs. Traditional Methods
Mediterranean Agriculture
Most Important Crops in the Mediterranean
Truck Farming
Market Gardening
Internal Migration and Vegetables in China
Plantation Agriculture
Luxury Crops
Von Thunen’s Model
Consequences of the Green Revolution and India
Two Biggest GMO Crops
Livestock Ranching and the Rain Forest
Farm Subsidies
The No Pork Zone (Regions)
Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs)
Legal Incorporation of Cities
Central Business Districts in the 1800s
Major Regions in the United States That are the Most Auto-centered
Ranking of Cities in the United States
Top World Cities
Number of World Cities by Continent
Top Ten Most Populated Cities from 1950 to the Present
Reasons for Growth of the Top Ten Most Populated Cities
Different Challenges of Mega Cities in LDCs and MDCs
Urbanization Rates by World Regions
Different Megalopolises World Wide
Squatter Settlements
Central Place Theory
Multiplier Effect
Main Industries/Economic Activities in the Rust Belt, New England Area, Pacific NW, the Sun
Belt, and the Upper Midwest Throughout the 20th Century
Concentric Zone Model
Peripheral Model
Hoyt’s Sector Model
Multiple Nuclei Model
Reasons for the Growth of Sun Belt Cities
White Flight
Latin American City Model
Southeast Asian City Model
World Regions That Have Cities with Grid Street Patterns
Causes for Suburbs in North America
Problems in Inner City Neighborhoods
Edge Cities
Housing Developments
Gated Communities
Social Area Analysis
Largest Metropolitan Areas in Canada
Largest French Speaking Metropolitan Area in North America