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2010 Bookmatter SpringerHandbookOfCrystalGrowt (2)

Part B
Crystal Gr
Part B Crystal Growth from Melt Techniques
7 Indium Phosphide:
Crystal Growth and Defect Control
by Applying Steady Magnetic Fields
David F. Bliss, Hanscom AFB, USA
8 Czochralski Silicon Single Crystals
for Semiconductor and Solar Cell Applications
Koichi Kakimoto, Fukuoka, Japan
9 Czochralski Growth
of Oxide Photorefractive Crystals
Ernesto Diéguez, Madrid, Spain
Jose Luis Plaza, Madrid, Spain
Mohan D. Aggarwal, Normal, USA
Ashok K. Batra, Normal, USA
10 Bulk Crystal Growth
of Ternary III–V Semiconductors
Partha S. Dutta, Troy, USA
11 Growth and Characterization
of Antimony-Based Narrow-Bandgap III–V
Semiconductor Crystals
for Infrared Detector Applications
Vijay K. Dixit, Indore, India
Handady L. Bhat, Bangalore, India
12 Crystal Growth of Oxides
by Optical Floating Zone Technique
Hanna A. Dabkowska, Hamilton, Canada
Antoni B. Dabkowski, Hamilton, Canada
13 Laser-Heated Pedestal Growth
of Oxide Fibers
Marcello R.B. Andreeta, São Carlos, Brazil
Antonio Carlos Hernandes, São Carlos, Brazil
14 Synthesis of Refractory Materials
by Skull Melting Technique
Vyacheslav V. Osiko, Moscow, Russia
Mikhail A. Borik, Moscow, Russia
Elena E. Lomonova, Moscow, Russia
15 Crystal Growth of Laser Host Fluorides
and Oxides
Hongjun Li, Shanghai, China
Jun Xu, Shanghai, China
16 Shaped Crystal Growth
Vitali A. Tatartchenko, Puteaux, France